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Trusted by the prominent users across a variety of industries.

LZJM® brand stands for premium quality products and services, from design, manufacture, and engineering support. Our highest commitment is to provide the highest quality, innovative, environment friendly products,high level of services for various specific application.




Start from zero to superior.

LZJM (Luoyang LYC Precision Bearing Co., Ltd.) is continuously making better performance for the over years since 2018. It was established by a joint venture of Luoyang LYC Assets Management Co., Ltd. and Luoyang Zhichuang Bearing Technology Service Center, has a R&D team with more than 30 years of experience in bearing industry. The manufacturing site built in Luoyang, China equipped with dozens of modern production and measurement equipment, with quality management system in conformity with the requirements of ISO9001:2015,ISO14001:2015 standards.

Now, LZJM focus on the development, design and manufacturing of super-high precision bearings and special bearings. The products are widely used in precision machine tools, medical equipment and industrial CT, astronomical instruments, communication and monitoring and other fields.

Why we are different.

We firmly believe in investments in innovation, technology and team talent as an engine of growth. Here,we encourage everyone to disperse thinking, solve problems. This way of thinking has helped us growing day by day, and continually attract innovative people to join the LZJM family.



Grasp the core technology in the front field of bearing industry, become a world-class bearing solution provider.


Create high-quality products and high value-added services, help employees achieve decent job and prosperous life, offer the strength to the revitalization of national industries.






Let's start your project, to be a success.