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Selection and Recommendation

It is extremely important to select the correct bearing for the industrial fields.For absolute assurance of the correct bearing selection,customers should contact technical department for their expertise in bearing selection.Based on many practical experiences of bearing application,theory analysis and research,technical departments suggests when selecting bearing types or structures ,the customer should make comprehensive analysis according to the some aspects.

Mounting and Dismounting

Mounting is one of the most important stages of the bearing’s life cycle. If the bearing is not mounted properly using the correct method and tools, the bearing's service lifetime will be reduced. Besides, it is extremely important to dismount it correctly so that it will help prevent damage to other machine components.


The remanufacturing of bearings is the complete repair of damaged bearing parts, including cleaning, disassembly, inspection, grinding the raceway or replacing the inner and outer ring, manufacturing new rolling element or grinding the original one, rolling element replacement, assembly, clearance adjustment and inspection packaging etc. to ensure that the repaired bearing can reach the performance of the new bearing requirements. Bearing remanufacturing is different from simple repair. It is the use of high technology to batch repair and performance upgrade of worn-out products. After remanufacturing, the used bearings can reach or even exceed the new ones in terms of technical performance.