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LZJM obtained 4 more Utility Model Patent Certificates


Luoyang,China. 18 November 2021: Recently, LZJM received 4 more utility model patent certificates issued by CNIPA: "a crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearing with high load capacity", "a turning and grinding integrated machine tool to achieve high precision machining of extra large bearings", "a waterproof performance testing device for slewing bearings", "a induction heating device for medical CT machine bearing assembly".

Up to now, LZJM has accumulated 7 national utility model patent certificates, 1 invention patent, 6 computer software copyrights, 3 other patents have also been authorized and 3 patents are under review.

These patent certificates show the LZJM's strong R&D strength and the achievements brought by technological innovation.

Since its establishment, LZJM has continuously increased investment in R&D, adds a variety of high-precision equipment and detecting instrument, and spends more than 5% of its annual revenue on R&D.

LZJM attaches importance to technological innovation, solves a number of rare top technology difficulties in the field of bearing,provides customers with satisfactory products and services.