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The first wire race bearing for medical equipment in China developed by LZJM successfully passed the various technical tests and reached the world's leading level


Luoyang,China. 20 November 2022: The wire race bearing for medical CT machine developed by LZJM successfully passed the various technical index tests and reached the world's leading level. This product fills the gap of wire race bearings for medical equipment in the Chinese market.


The noise test value of LZJM products is lower than 65dB on the special test frame of 120-180rpm CT machine bearings, which is much higher than the international standard.

CT machine is one of the indispensable equipment in medical diagnosis.The CT machine main bearing is used in the connection part between fixed CT frame and rotating scanning part, and is the key part of rotating scanning part of CT machine.The main bearing of CT machine used to transfer and bear the axial and radial load and tilting moment generated by X-ray tube, collimator, detector, slip ring and other devices,and it needs to meet the requirements of high speed, low noise, high precision, low vibration and long life.

LZJM has been focused on the R&D and manufacturing of high speed and low noise medical CT machine main bearings and built a special bearing production line for medical equipment, with advanced production equipment and testing instruments.

LZJM has developed more than 10 types of CT machine main bearings and mass production. The main product structures are: Four-point contact ball slewing bearings, Double-row angular contact ball bearings, Thin section paired mounting angular contact ball bearings, Wire race bearings,with dimension range from ID 680 millimeter to OD 1440 millimeter.The running accuracy shall not exceed 0.05 millimeter, the speed in 60~150r/min, and the vibration noise value shall not exceed 65dB. LZJM products have reached the technical index of international bearings and successfully replaced famous brands such as Kaydon, Franke, Rothe Erde, etc.

LZJM has established good cooperation with dozens of well-known medical imaging enterprises at home and abroad, and can develop and manufacture all kinds of bearings for medical CT, X-ray machine, gamma knife, linear accelerator, industrial CT machine etc to provide customers with satisfactory solutions and technical services.